Corrective Facials & Chemical Peels


Diamondtome Microdermabrasion Corrective Facial

DiamondTome exfoliation is designed to accomplish two goals. First, improving general skin health, for an overall more rejuvenated appearance. Secondly, to target specific skin conditions, including: Sun Damage, Age Spots, Fine Lines, Acne scarring, blackheads and white heads, and hyperpigmentation. This treatment is completely customizable and can be combined with other modalities and/or acids for enhanced results.

60 - 75 minutes $65.00

Extreme Radiance Corrective Facial

Fight the signs of aging and add a luminous glow to the skin . This corrective facial harnesses the power of flowers in the form of alpha hydroxy acids. A great rejuvenator for most skin types, that will produce lasting results.  May cause light peeling in some individuals.

60 - 75 minutes $65.00

Youthful Rejuvenation Corrective Facial

This corrective Facial is all about  activating the skin cells to  increase firmness and tone. The actives in this treatment are amazing at stimulating the skin to repair and rejuvenate for an amazingly luminous glow. May cause some light peeling in some individuals.

60-75 minutes $65.00

Pumpkin Sake Peptide Corrective Facial

Infuse the skin with a powerful blend of pumpkin enzymes, sake and skin regenerating acids. Helps to minimize fine lines, tighten skin, stimulate collagen and fight free radicals. An excellent facial for normal, dry and oily skins. May cause some light peeling in some individuals.

60 -75 min $65.00


DNAge Appel

This is our favorite peel!! Superb at lightening hyperpigmentation, brightening  overall skin tone and antiaging capabilities. It is amazing for a deeper, long lasting rejuvenation. This advanced Jessner peel is a gentle solution for those with sensitive skin, providing potent anti-inflammatory support with less damage on a molecular level from free-radical stress. The results are a brighter complexion, smoother skin tone, and younger-looking skin Wow!! what a difference!! This peel is mid-depth and will stimulate significant peeling for 2-5 days.

30 min. $65.00

Custom Peel

Completely customizable peels are our specialty.  We use a variety of acids and peeling ingredients for any skin type. 

30-45 min. $65.00